Information Technology Mediation

What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution in which a trained, neutral third party facilitates face-to-face communication between contending sides, bringing them together to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. Rather than pitting people against one another and exacerbating tensions, mediation finds common ground to work from together.

More than “talking it through,” information technology mediation gets to the core of a problem, solves it in an effective but amicable manner, and lets you get back to what’s important: your work.

Why information technology mediation?

Mediation is particularly well suited to the realm of information technology.

In addition to keeping disputes private, as opposed to on the public court record, mediation for the information technology sector saves money and, even more importantly in the fast paced world of tech, time. Unlike court cases, in which judges and juries often need to be educated about industry jargon and procedures, our trained mediators are well versed in the field of information technology, so they can get started immediately, no lessons necessary. Best of all, information technology mediation is compatible for myriad scenarios: intellectual property disputes, issues arising from competing technologies and/or confidential trade secrets, as well as disagreements between vendors and distributors, and always with the aim of keeping people on the same team.

There’s no finger pointing or “guilty” verdict here, just the concerned parties coming together, communicating, and working in tandem toward a mutually agreed upon conclusion. This process keeps strain to a minimum, letting you and your staff remain focused on your mission: changing the world.

How it works

Using active listening and paraphrasing, information technology mediation draws from the perspectives of both sides to create a shared narrative. By leveling the playing field, Winsby Leyburn’s trained team helps diverging sides to communicate face-to-face, allowing grievances to be aired and potential solutions to be suggested. This process facilitates the construction of a mutually agreed upon outcome.

Rather than creating or fueling an antagonistic relationship, information technology mediation works from a place of commonality, so that you and your team can continue working together for a more productive and successful tomorrow.

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