Mediation for Pet Disputes

What happens to animals when people separate?

It happens sometimes that people who have been living together separate. In those situations, it can be difficult to agree on who takes the pet. These disputes can escalate quickly and sometimes are as painful as custody battles for children, but there is no helpful forum to assist in resolving these sorts of disputes outside of court hearings, which can be quite long and very expensive.

Pet mediation methods

In order to avoid the slow and expensive courts, mediation is the best solution for resolving disputes over pet custody. If the dispute cannot be resolved flexibly through the facilitative mediation approach, it can surely be agreed upon through the evaluative approach.

In 89 percent of cases the usual facilitative approach works to resolve the impasse through mutual agreement. If it cannot be resolved by facilitative means, however, then both parties can agree to the evaluative approach in which they ask the mediator to make a reasoned decision on the issue. He or she will have the entire mediation session and all the confidential discussions at their disposal, and, as a result, will be better placed than any judge or arbitrator to make a sensitive and informed decision.

How mediation for pet disputes works

Instead of court proceedings, where two sides are pitted against one another, mediation starts from a place of shared respect. The mediator remains impartial and nonjudgmental and brings the opposing parties together to facilitate honest and effective communication. Far more than just talking through it, our trained mediators gather the applicable information to understand the core of the pet dispute, a process that allows both sides to see the other's perspective. All parties are therefore involved in the resolution, helping everyone move forward together.

With Zoom Professional and Skype, Winsby Leyburn hosts web based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mediation services completely online. It does not matter where you are or where you have moved to, we can assist you in resolving your animal dispute.

Winsby Leyburn is experienced in pet disputes

No matter how severe the dispute, our trained mediators have helped parties develop creative solutions that benefit everyone involved. For example, we had a case resulting in pet taxis being used to allow both parties to have several weeks or weekends with the pet without the two parties needing to come into contact with each other at all. We have an excellent record of resolving these types of disputes and look forward to discussing your case with you.


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