Mediation for Breach of Contract Cases

Why Use Mediation for Breach of Contract Cases?

Business and commercial agreements are complex and lengthy, with many nuances that can make solving contract disputes difficult. As a result, breach of contract cases are typically resolved over an extremely long time period, and that process can become quite expensive if handled through the court system.

In addition, when these conflicts are processed through the court system, the details of the cases are usually in the public domain. Often, one or both parties are unsatisfied with the outcome.

Mediation offers a better alternative

Mediation is growing in popularity for contract disputes and breach of contract cases. There are several reasons why it is an attractive alternative to the court system or arbitration.

Cost and time effective—Whereas the court system can last months or longer before the dispute is solved, potentially costing thousands in the process, breach of contract mediation simplifies the process. There are no lawyers or judges, just you and the other party guided by a trained mediator.

The parties maintain control over the outcome—Breach of contract mediation keeps both sides involved in the resolution. There are no "guilty" or "innocent" parties here. Everyone is on equal footing, working in tandem toward a common solution.

Both parties are satisfied—The goal of mediation is not to produce winners or losers. Our trained mediators are dedicated to ensuring that everyone leaves the process satisfied. This approach not only resolves breach of contract cases, but can also allow both parties a way to continue their professional relationship.

Mediation is private—Unlike open court, breach of contract mediation is completely confidential. The details of your dispute and agreement will not become part of the public record. Maintaining privacy often provides a path toward solving the dispute with a simpler, less complex resolution.

How does mediation work for breach of contract cases?

Rather than having both sides hire opposing lawyers, our trained professional runs the mediation sessions with both parties. This mediator remains impartial and nonjudgmental as both sides air their grievances. By paraphrasing and reframing the matters, the mediator can help the parties find common ground, restore communication, and resolve the dispute.


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