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Solve disputes without face to face meetings

The world may be in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean that our lives must come to a complete standstill. Disputes still need to be settled, resolutions can be found, and stalled litigation can be handled outside of closed courtrooms.

With Zoom Professional and Skype, Winsby Leyburn hosts web based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mediation services, completely online. These tools allow any number of participants or groups to meet confidentially and remotely from their individual locations. The session is managed by a highly experienced mediator who is in the Zoom meeting and helps guide the dispute toward resolution expediently.

The benefits of online mediation during COVID-19 are obvious. Mediation allows us to handle our disputes and resolve issues without the risk of coming in contact with airborne viruses. The primary benefit of online mediation is to act on the willingness by all parties to come to an agreement, so everyone can move on. Throughout the process, it is easy to have side conversations with our online tools.

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