Ecclesiastical and
Church Disputes Mediation

What is church mediation?

Church mediation and interfaith mediation are processes in which leadership or members of religious institutions are brought together to mutually resolve interfaith disputes, ecclesiastical conflicts, and other issues arising in or around religious and spiritual spaces or groups.

Rather than letting tensions rise or, worse yet, arbitrating in a costly, public, and lengthy court battle, mediation brings both sides to the table, letting everyone share their respective perspectives to clarify issues and understand one another’s positions. From there, we work together to find mutually amenable solutions. There are no defendants or plaintiffs here—just people, in an impartial space, working together.

Whether grappling with conflicts over renovations, disagreements stemming from merging congregations, or an interfaith dispute with an outside organisation, mediation is a sublime route toward amicable and respectful resolutions.

Why church mediation and interfaith mediation?

Though mediation can be applied to myriad scenarios, it’s particularly well suited to ecclesiastical disputes and interfaith disputes.

Religious spaces and organisations thrive on community, peace, and harmony. Tensions, disagreements and outright feuds within or between spiritual bodies threaten this tranquillity. Resolving any discord expeditiously is in everyone’s best interest, both for immaterial spiritual reasons, and material reasons as well. Courts can take months, cost thousands of pounds, and often garner public attention that makes matters worse, not better.

Furthermore, especially in terms of interfaith disputes, mediation allows both sides to share their perspectives in an impartial, stress free space. In doing so, we’ve found that all parties leave mediation with a richer, deeper and all around broader understanding of one another’s worldview. This understanding in turn leads to more trust, cooperation and collaboration in the future.

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