Mediation for the Music Industry

Why music industry mediation?

Proven effective in many types of disputes, mediation is a particularly ideal route for resolving music industry conflicts.

Mediation avoids costly and public court proceedings. This process saves money and, of particular importance in the entertainment industry, maintains public image. No one wants to hear the public singing about their private problems.

More significantly, though, while court proceedings begin from an inherently antagonistic point—pitting two sides against one another—mediation starts and remains neutral. Not only is this approach perfect for resolving nearly any type of conflict in the music industry—talent agreements, breach of contract, contract negotiations, copyright infringement, and more—but it also helps both sides maintain their working relationship.

There are no guilty or innocent parties here, but simply two temporarily disagreeing camps who, in the end, are on the same team.

Cost effective, time effective and completely confidential, mediation hits all the right notes for the music industry.

How does music industry mediation work?

Using an independent, neutral facilitator, mediation brings two disagreeing parties together to resolve disputes such as contract negotiation, copyright infringement, talent agreements and artist disputes. After allowing both sides to make their cases, Winsby Leyburn’s trained mediators then paraphrase and reframe the debate to help both sides see the other’s perspective.

Once everyone is on the same stave, we work together toward a mutually beneficial and agreed upon resolution. Rather than having a court hand down an arbitrary decision, music industry mediation ensures that both sides’ needs are met. That process is what makes mediation so successful. It maintains preexisting relationships, reminding clients that they are in business for a common cause: to make beautiful music, together.

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