Mediation for Social Media Disputes

What is mediation?

As opposed to court proceedings, where two sides are pitted against one another, mediation starts from a place of shared respect. Bringing opposing parties together, a trained, neutral mediator facilitates honest and effective communication to bridge rhetorical divides and help everyone begin discussions on the same page. From there, we can work toward a resolution that benefits all parties. Less costly and far more expedient than court proceedings, mediation is ideal for ironing out social media disagreements and conflicts.

Why mediation for social media disputes?

Anyone who has been online knows that social media disputes can rapidly spiral out of control, having real world impact on people’s lives. That’s because online communication often lacks empathy, understanding and, often, really knowing the other person. Whether dealing with social media conflict or online ostracism, mediation is uniquely suited for online dispute resolution because it brings people together in the real, offline world.

The anonymity of social media often feeds into social media conflicts. Bringing opposing parties together instantly humanises them for each other, removing the digital barriers inherent in internet interactions. By inviting both parties to the table, mediation allows people to communicate face-to-face.

Open dialogue, especially the use of paraphrasing and reframing, avoids conflict escalation by making sure both sides see the other’s perspective, allowing them to find mutually beneficial, mutually agreed upon solutions for social media conflicts. Rather than ordering people to act one way or another, social media mediation ensures all parties are actively and enthusiastically involved in reaching an offline solution to online disputes, which can lead to online ostracism.

How social media mediation works

Breaking down virtual barriers, social media mediation allows both sides to speak their minds, creating a shared narrative that everyone agrees upon.

From there, our trained mediators help the individuals or parties work toward a reciprocally agreed upon and amenable solution. Our formula is proven to not only alleviate the matter at hand, but also help those involved form a stronger, more resilient, and mutually respectful relationship.

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