Mediation for Clubs, Societies and Voluntary Organisations

What is mediation?

Mediation brings two opposing parties together, face to face, to discuss grievances and work toward mutually agreed upon solutions.

Far more than just talking through it, our trained mediators gather the applicable information to understand the core of the dispute, a process that allows both sides to see the other’s perspective. All parties are therefore involved in the resolution, helping everyone move forward together.

Why mediate?

Mediation is particularly suited to club, society, and voluntary organisation disputes. With club mediation and society mediation, internal debates remain just that: internal.

Rather than going through a potential costly, public, and prolonged court battle, informal mediation allows all parties to come together in a private setting, effectively resolving matters amongst themselves, each side having an equal stake in the conclusion. The same is true for voluntary organisation disputes. Whether it involves volunteer members or paid staffers, mediation grants everyone a say and a stake in the conflict resolution.

In addition, club mediation, society mediation, and mediation for voluntary organisation disputes allow all parties to be heard and have a stake in the construction of a reciprocal resolution. Not only does this process solve the dispute, but more importantly, it also lets the involved parties reestablish and maintain relationships.

By mediating rather than going to court, clubs, societies and organisations can focus on their collective mission, rather than disagreements.

Constitution drafting services

Winsby Leyburn also has extensive experience planning, reviewing and drafting club and society constitutions.

Whether you’re an allotment association, an education club, or a yachting society, formalised constitutions are the easiest, most effective way to explain your group’s mission and procedures. A club or society constitution also prevents future disagreements over methods, is often required in funding applications, and will be necessary should you ever want to incorporate your organisation.

It’s an easy fix to many common issues, and we would be happy to help you get yours set.

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