Workplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation

What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of complaint resolution in which a trained, neutral third party guides face-to-face communication between contending sides, bringing them together to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. Rather than pitting people against one another, as courtroom proceedings often do, mediation finds common ground and helps both sides work together.

More than simply “talking it through”, workplace mediation finds the core of a problem, solving communication problems and streamlining complaint resolution to help you and your team work through workplace disputes and stay focused on your organisation’s mission.

Why workplace mediation?

While most workplace disputes are solved in a timely manner, sometimes communication problems, hurt feelings, or deeper tensions can exacerbate a smaller problem into a larger, more complex matter. That’s when it’s time to consider workplace mediation.

Workplace mediation is cost effective, private, and time saving, and most importantly, it guarantees that all concerned parties have equal time to explain their perspective. The purpose here isn’t merely about solving the problem at hand, but about regaining mutual trust and restoring a collaborative and productive work environment. Rather than identifying one person as guilty and the other as innocent, workplace mediation keeps in mind that everyone is on the same team. There is no antagonist here, just teammates who need to resolve a dispute.

How it works

With the help of a trained mediator, both sides come to the table ready to use open dialogue, active listening, and paraphrasing to create a shared narrative from which they can find a mutually beneficial solution. This form of face-to-face communication keeps the resolution as interpersonal as possible, something that’s of utmost importance when dealing within a work context. In the end, both sides have had a say in the dispute resolution, meaning they can move forward together, toward a more productive tomorrow.

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