Mediation for Interactions
Involving Antisocial Behaviour

Why mediation for antisocial individuals?

Unlike court proceedings, which inherently pit people against one another, mediation brings everyone to the table equally. It creates a neutral space for efficient conflict resolution, which is particularly important when dealing with people who have antisocial tendencies or disorders.

One thing to remember is that antisocial behaviour isn’t always a choice. Some people are hardwired to reject norms and test boundaries, which can create challenges when attempting to resolve conflicts. But Winsby Leyburn’s professional mediators have experience working with these sorts of demands. Drawing on this experience, they foster a conversation built on mutual respect and firm parameters of behaviour. This alternative resolution approach has been proven to be effective at creating a nonjudgmental environment in which all can speak freely, working together toward mutually satisfactory outcomes.

In addition to smoothing the way for resolution, our methods are cost effective, confidential, and far faster than traditional court proceedings.

How mediation with antisocial individuals works

Led by an independent facilitator, Winsby Leyburn’s alternative resolution program brings people together, so they can relay their experiences in a neutral environment. Our mediators listen and paraphrase each party’s remarks, guaranteeing that each side understands the other, reframing issues, as well, ensuring empathy with one another. When one party rejects social norms or parameters, we leverage our training to synthesize their perspective, abating impulsive reactions.

By coming to a mutually agreed upon sequence of events, we then collaborate on solutions that are agreeable to both sides. We don’t hand down verdicts where there are winners and losers. There are only winners here.

Whether the dispute is with an antisocial neighbour, coworker, employee, or even family member, Winsby Leyburn’s trained mediators ensure everyone is heard, respected, and works together toward long term cooperation.

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