Local Council Disputes

Why mediation?

Everyone wants to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, especially if one is dealing with an intractable local council. While one’s first instinct may be to go to court, mediation is a far more efficient and reliable form of dispute resolution.

Rather than pitting sides against one another, as is done in court and often only exacerbates a situation, Winsby Leyburn’s mediation brings both sides together as partners in a shared mission. This approach is particularly important when dealing with local councils that often might include friends and neighbours.

By creating a neutral environment, Winsby Leyburn’s trained mediators let both sides share their side of the story, coming together on a shared version of events and working in tandem to resolve it together.

In addition to being more mutually amenable, mediation is also far more affordable and more confidential than public court, which can take months, if not years, and often ends without a solid conclusion.

How mediation works

The ultimate goal of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution is to find an outcome that pleases all parties.

Winsby Leyburn’s trained mediators create a safe, neutral environment in which all are comfortable sharing their perspective. We then paraphrase and reframe the conversation to guarantee each side understands the other. Then, we build from that commonality toward a resolution that satisfies everyone.

Whether the disagreement is about civic planning, a development proposal, or a new ordinance, our team’s approach is proven to engage both sides in the process, so they can work together for a more neighbourly tomorrow.

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