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Winsby Leyburn provides a full range of mediation, services to assist individuals and businesses in achieving timely, cost efficient resolutions to claims or disputes.

Our areas of expertise include:
Civil and commercial | Social mediation

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Our Founder

Nigel Chapman

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Nigel Chapman

An accredited mediator and solicitor who serves in the Association of Midland Mediators and the Civil Mediation Council, Nigel Chapman's career began in 1982 as an assistant solicitor for RS Bull and Co. Until recently, Chapman acted as Civil Servant lawyer-manager for HM Government.

Mediation in Lieu of Litigation

Civil litigation is an expensive endeavour that can ultimately cost individuals and businesses a significant amount of both time and money. Avoiding court can help minimise impacts to your profits and reduce your exposure to huge expenses.

We have experience in many areas of mediation.


Often born from disagreements over a child’s education, conflicts between parents and teachers, or students and faculty, pose a serious risk to the child’s well-being, both in terms of education and psychologically. Bringing all parties to the table, Winsby Leyburn’s dedicated mediators develop mutually agreed upon resolutions.

Financial services

Disputes involving financial institutions or borrowers are often complex proceedings. Winsby Leyburn’s expert mediators can quickly and efficiently work with parties to solve banking or investment disputes.

IT disputes

Information technology disputes are famously complicated and expensive to try in court. A faster, more private, and less costly route can be found by turning to Winsby Leyburn’s trained mediators. With years of experience ironing out IT disputes, our dedicated team is adept at solving patent, intellectual property, software and similarly high-tech conflicts.

Music industry

Whether it’s about copyright, talent agreements, or breach of contract, discord among musicians and/or industry executives strikes the wrong chord. Luckily, Winsby Leyburn’s mediators are well versed in settling such disputes rapidly and, just as importantly, quietly. Allowing all parties to speak their mind, we help parties refocus on making beautiful music together.

Professional negligence

Professional negligence disputes are often complex proceedings with multiple parties, including the injured, the accused and any insurance carriers. Our alternative dispute resolution specialists are uniquely positioned to achieve a quick and satisfactory resolution.

White collar crimes

White collar crimes involving bank fraud, wire fraud and other fiduciary shams are some of the most complicated cases to mediate. Winsby Leyburn’s dedicated team of mediators are well prepared to help navigate white collar crime mediation one step at a time.

Workplace disputes

Employment disputes involving employers and employees are ideally suited for mediation. Finding a solution to both parties can be completed in a short period of time without requiring either party to pay extensive legal fees.

Clubs and societies

Disputes within organisations or clubs can be solved quickly and efficiently without disrupting ongoing relationships or organisational ties. Any type of dispute can be mediated if both sides are willing to participate to find a solution.

Ecclesiastical and church disputes mediation

Places of worship are meant to be refuges from the outside world, but sometimes they’re disrupted by internal or external disputes. Perhaps the tension comes from merging congregations, disagreements over renovation, or a conflict with an outside organization. Whatever the case, Winsby Leyburn mediators are well equipped to bring your discord to a divine conclusion.

Hate crimes

Often spurred by opposing worldviews, hate crime mediation can be emotionally taxing, but the resolution can be very cathartic, bridging divides and bringing both parties together. Winsby Leyburn knows how to best handle such disputes, balancing legal and empathic concerns to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

Neighbour disputes

Conflicts with neighbours often escalate quickly, completely ruining the tranquillity of home life. Whether they are about property lines, noise, pets or parking, such disputes are best resolved quickly. Winsby Leyburn does just that. Our trained mediators are experienced in such scenarios and can settle them to bring some peace back to your home life.

Police disputes

Tension between police and an individual or community impacts more than just the parties involved. Mistrust or miscommunication can erode public safety and trust and are therefore best resolved quickly and personally. Bringing both sides to the table, Winsby Leyburn’s mediators guarantee all perspectives are considered as we work together to restore trust and respect, so that the community can move forward in tandem.

Social media disputes

Social media disputes can pose real life headaches. Though they are a relatively new phenomenon, Winsby Leyburn’s team has already tackled—and resolved—many social media disputes, and we can do the same for you. We allow parties to talk face-to-face, airing their grievances and working as a team to resolve disagreements together.

Disputes with Antisocial Individuals

People with antisocial disorders or tendencies can be difficult mediation partners. They may be aggressive, manipulative, or threatening. Luckily, Winsby Leyburn’s team has experience working with such individuals to guarantee they honor and uphold proper procedures. We create a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which all can speak freely, working together toward mutually amendable resolutions.

Local Council Disputes

Small disagreements can bring big discord to local councils. Winsby Leyburn resolves these conflicts quickly and without costly court appearances. Whether the matter concerns town planning, a new ordinance, delivery of civil services, or any other issue, our team brings communities together to find mutually beneficial solutions, so they can go back to being neighbours, not nemeses.


Winsby Leyburn is affiliated with the Association of Midlands Mediators, Clerksroom Barristers and Mediators, and ProMediate UK. We are accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and internationally by ADR-ODR International.